About the books

1. In "In the Blink of An Eye: My Life with RSDS" (a brief memoir), Mary Jane Gonzales went from being functional to homebound, independent to dependent. The scariest part was neither she nor the doctors knew why. Join Mary Jane as she recounts the sequence of injuries, the bizarre symptoms, the physical and emotional pain that took over her life, and the eventual diagnosis of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome (RSDS). Discover how Mary Jane coped with the sudden changes in her life and how her friends and family stepped in to help her.

2. "A Growing Faith...Stories from Bed" (sequel to In the Blink of An Eye) is a personal memoir that reveals a deeper level of trust and a growing faith amid failing health.

3. "Trial and Triumph" is a brief poetic journal that chronicles a season of despair. Though heavy at times, the book is infused with hope… and points to “the God of all comfort” (2Cor.1:3). Even when things seem hopeless, “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble” (Psalm 46:1). Though written by a chronic pain sufferer, Trial and Triumph would be uplifting to all.

4. In "Sharing the Pain...The RSD Interviews", an informative book that is sure to enlighten the public, Gonzales conducts fifty interviews of RSD/CRPS patients, giving readers a glimpse into the struggles of both the patients and their families. Their struggles will astonish you and their strength will astound you, as you read how they cope with chronic pain and debilitation of an incurable disease.

 5. What are the odds of illness without a cure, living without solutions, and often "A Voice Unheard"? It's an alternate life and, if you're living it, you are not alone! And, if you're not living it, this book is a glimpse at life with Chronic Illness.

 6. "Poetic Devotions for Those In Pain" is a medley of prayers and praise. When all our longings lie open before Him and pain seems too great to bear, greater still is His love for us, greater still is His constant care. Whether a song in the night or a light in the dark, He is always with us.

7. "Poetry & Praise" is the outpouring of a poet’s heart in praise and petition, loving life and, above all, the Giver of Life, the heart of God more than the hand of God.

8. In "31 Days of Poetry and Praise", author Mary Jane Gonzales reflects on God’s promises throughout scripture and relates them to our lives today through inspired poetry. Be encouraged by God’s faithfulness and rejoice in His love, knowing that He longs to be  gracious to you.

9. "An Occasional Poem" is a compilation of poems for all occasions. Some previously published,  some newly written… all are endearing. Come and enjoy these “expressions of love” from the  author’s heart!

10. "The Gift of Christ" is a magnificent collection of poems that convey the true meaning of Christmas.

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